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Let’s do that social thing…

You’ll find me in all the usual places… well some of them… well these at least… sometimes

Or not.

Hmm… okay, let’s be honest, I have my moments with social media – love / hate, and just plain bored, but never consistent. Good marketing strategy? Probably not, and yes, I do know better!

See, I know how it works. I know how to make you look good on social media. I understand the strategies and I can put together a plan.

I just don’t do it. I don’t enjoy it.

If I’m anywhere it’ll be on Facebook or Instagram sharing trail running pics and videos or photos of the Cornish coastline, or maybe cool geeky stuff. It just doesn’t happen that frequently.

So, if you’d like to connect, or just want to check me out:
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If you’d like to get to know me better and maybe talk business, shoot me a message or email me. Maybe we could chat over Skype – I find that a whole lot more productive than Tweeting at each other!

Skype: mrbeeswax