So…. I was in two minds about posting this; it’s not what I meant to paint, but what wanted to be painted. I had the idea of old cottages snuggling into the coastline, subtle earth tones fading into a soft, misty sky over the sea – lovely, traditional Cornwall…. and I got this. And while biting political and social commentary is often an undertone in my work, it’s rarely so overt… and I’m not sure I like it; not my style! But here it is, triggered no doubt by the #cadgwithfishingcovetrustĀ campaign, this is me raging about gentrification and 2nd home ownership in Cornwall. Nuff said? Maybe not, but I’m going back to imaginary worlds and obscure abstracty things now…. probably šŸ¤£

EDIT:2023// it seems there’s a happy end to this particular bit of the story – https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/cadgwith-fishing-cove-trust – but the problem continues

8″x10″ acrylic on canvas board
Currently unframed

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