Foggy Day - Carn Bosavern
Foggy Day - Carn Bosavern framed

Foggy Day – Carn Bosavern

This one tested me, and taught me! Three time I painted it, and three times painted over it. It always looked great at the outline stage and awful (to me at least) as soon as I introduced colour.


Eventually I got the hint and left it as an outline. It’s a rather 3D outline now, and all the better for it I feel. And there is colour – it’s just wonderfully subtle.

There’s a life metaphor here about how, even when it’s ‘foggy’ and everything looks bleak and grey, there’s a riot of colour there really – you’re just not able to see it right now. But I think I’m better at painting metaphors than writing them, so we’ll leave that alone!

How to make a grey painting interesting…

I should probably come up with some more intellectual arty nonsense about how I intended to do this all along, but…. yeah, anyway….

I didn’t capture anything like all the stages but here’s some of what’s going on underneath… actually, just repeat steps 2 and 3 three times – that’s how many layers there are!

1. Draw picture on a nice background...
2. Colour it in...
3.    ...and then paint over it!

Foggy Day – Carn Bosavern


16″ x 16″


Acrylic on Canvas