Solstice Beacon
Needs a bigger wall!

Solstice Beacon

I had no idea what I was painting here. I just approached the blank canvas, charcoal in hand, and waited to see what would happen. There were some very definite movements and shapes that needed to be made, and so I did. And then there was colour. Again, no thinking, just doing. And then there it was.

And I still didn’t know what I’d created. Not until a friend saw it and pointed out that I’d painted the solstice beacon, and that I’d see it next week. It was a week before the Summer Solstice. And, if you know Chapel Carn Brea, you’ll likely recognise this as the beacon.

Funny just how much one can be in touch with the seasons, and the land, without even realising it, when one just relaxes and allows it in. Yeah…. need to practice that one, but sometimes it works, like this.



Solstice Beacon


30″ x 40″


Acrylic on Canvas