Winter Solstice?
Winter Solstice - finished?

Winter Solstice?

So the original idea for this was to paint over it in grey and then scratch away to reveal bits of the colour underneath… because…

“It might look dull and grey out there, but when I look closer… underneath there’s a riot waiting to happen 😁 Happy Solstice!” as I said at the time.

But by the time it had dried enough for that to work (which took forever because there’s an obscene amount of paint on there) it didn’t seem like such a great idea…

So I left it like this….

But I’m not sure this makes a good picture on its own…

Or does it?

Painted on December 21st 2018. If you like this then you may also like Boxing Day Dawn


Winter Solstice?


10″ x 12″


Acrylic on Canvas Board


Maybe for sale – ask me!