St Just Society of Artists

St Just Society of Artists is an open-door community of artists based in and around St Just on the West Penwith peninsula.

Our aim is to meet regularly to talk about our art practice, taking turns to visit each other’s studios, sharing artistic endeavours and developments, offering mutual support and constructive feedback, and consuming quite a lot of fresh coffee and biscuits.

Why a society?

Well yes, it does seem a rather grand name! Initially it was important to us that the ethos of a supportive professional community could be expressed and experienced in relatively intimate settings while offering occasional Society-wide activities and opportunities: for example, life drawing classes, lectures or group exhibitions.

We imagined, given the large number of artists living and working in and around St Just in Penwith, that there would be a lot of interest, and the Society might grow and blossom into the thriving, buzzing, heart of the visual arts community in St Just.


Well… it turned out that most of us didn’t really want to be part of a large society, and certainly none of us had the slightest interest in administrating such a group!

The St Just Society of Artists held its opening exhibition ‘Arrival’ at Morvah Schoolhouse, and an excellent series of life-drawing classes took place in The Knut in St Just. Lots of coffee was consumed, mostly in the Dog and Rabbit.

And then?

As of February 2020 we decided to drop the Society website, hence this page. There are no current plans for more group shows, although some smaller collaborations continue.

Meetings still happen sporadically at the Dog and Rabbit in St Just, or someone’s house / studio. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in joining us – it might just prompt us to organise something!

Artists, eh?!