IanB – Artist

IanB is an artist living and working in the town of St Just, Cornwall. Often inspired by the land and seascapes of West Penwith, his work explores the relationship between humans and the landscapes they inhabit. 


About IanB

Hi, I’m IanB, (the ‘B’ is for Barnfield – feel free to use that if you like, I just find it too much to type).

I’ve been around art, design, photography and all things graphic all my life. Some of my earliest memories are of collating magazines at the dining room table. We rarely ate at the table as my Dad’s studio expanded until it took over the dining room. The car lived on the drive because the garage housed a huge gallery camera and a printing press. Our spare bedroom was a photographic darkroom. It’s in my blood.


See, this page was created during a previous incarnation of IanBCreative, and was written for a very specific purpose; selling my services as a WordPress designer – work that I no longer want to be doing.

So, while everything here is true, I’m not sure how relevant it is. And yet I’m not sure what else to say.

I don’t feel I can wow you with my skills and experience, or epic tales from decades of artistic endeavour…..

So I think I’ll just leave the rest of the page here, at least until I dream up something….. more arty? Maybe.

Just one thing: I’m less reluctant now, to define myself by what I do. Perhaps because it feels more authentic to say: I’m an artist. 

And I paint.

Not continuously, of course, the ‘sometimes’ is still ‘true’ but to say: I’m an artist. I paint. That feels right.

So. That’s it. Go check out the gallery – there’s some stuff there that is, at least, newer than what’s on this page 🙂 


Creating Excellence

So, while I hesitate to define myself by what I do, I’m happy to say I’m a designer; a creator.

I design beautiful things, mostly 2D, mostly on and for the web. Creating excellence is my passion.

Sometimes I paint – like this or that or those >>   (scroll way on down if you’re on mobile)

Sometimes I take photographs

Mostly I make stuff that makes people look good on the internet – like this


< Coding >

I love coding!

Almost as much as I love coffee.

It’s true. I know most people look at this stuff and run away screaming, with a headache, but I love it.

I like languages, systems and logic. I like the fact that getting one piece of punctuation in the wrong place can break an entire website – and I love the challenge of getting it all in the right place!


Maybe. But combine that with a talent for design and an eye for beauty and a love of simple, elegant functionality…

It makes for good websites 🙂



Oh yeah, and I love problems too.

Especially fixing them!

If you know your NLP personality submodalities then think Detail, Difference and more than a touch of Perfectionism.

Growing up with a mother who’s a Grammar Nazi very lovely and Grammar School educated person, with a passion and flair for languages, seems to have influenced me more than a little; I proofread for a pastime!

That said, I do enjoy bending the English language to my own fashion, and using prepositions to end sentences with.


And single word sentences.

Grammatically correct matters sometimes. Good copy frequently trumps it.

But I digress. Or do I? Language, expression, syntax, punctuation; whether it’s written English or Code, I love to find the problems, fix them, and end up with something beautiful. Code is Poetry, as WordPress has it.



Yes, talking of WordPress; I love it – it just makes sense to me. All my websites are made with WordPress these days.

When I started I used to code everything by hand, from scratch – it’s so much work, especially now that websites have become so much more complicated.

Now I let WordPress do the hard work for me. Because I know how to code, I can customise it to look and work just the way I want, so I get to spend a lot more time and energy on what I really enjoy; bringing beauty and elegance to the web.

That’s me


IanB Mondrian stylePerceptionSeaMoon

Does Your website bring you joy?

I specialise in creating websites that truly express who you are, what your work is about and how you’ll serve your clients. I’m also pretty good at helping people gain clarity on those things (well I’m assuming you know the first one, but…)