Artist Statement

I never went to art school. I have no formal art education.

I don’t know who reads artist’s statements.

So maybe I’m just writing this for me.

But if you’re reading then Hi! I guess this is for you as well.

I’m influenced, of course. You’ll see Mondrian, blatantly, Kandinsky, more subtly.

Know my father and you may also sense his touch – his hand guiding me to a life in design and graphics,┬áthe love of black & white, contrast, geometry, the straight line.

No art school, but a childhood home full of books on art and photography.

Oh, and a house where there was no spare bedroom (darkroom), no dining room (magazine production), no garden room (art studio) and no garage for the car (printing press).

Ingrained, I suppose.

And then I’m inspired. By this place – St Just, the town and the rugged beauty of West Penwith, the land and seascapes.

And so I paint. This place. Sometimes pictures OF it, sometimes pictures ABOUT it. Sometimes just the way it feels.

Mostly the way it feels.

And this place… well it’s often Carn Bosavern – maybe the houses on the hill (grey, brown, higgledy pigledy, gable ends, roof lines, crissy crossy phone lines – BOOSH! Geometry in your face), maybe the view from the hill (fields, hills, sea, sky, or just fog). Maybe the view from my studio window (mostly houses, or fog) or maybe the view inside my head (er…..fog?) and the way that feels (er…..) or how it feels in my heart (…..)

And that, for me at least, is what this art thing is all about; trying to convey, in my case with acrylics on canvas, what it feels like to be in this place.

‘This place’ varies with how expansive or withdrawn I’m feeling. Real, imagined, metaphorical, emotional, one and all. The portrayal varies, over time, with experience, with a light or heavy heart, with eyes fresh or jaded. The intent remains: To show this place.

So if ever you should find yourself, on viewing my art, saying “ah, yes, I know this place…”, well then welcome, my friend, it’s a pleasure to connect.

IanB, Carn Bosavern, 2019