The Artist’s Studio…


So I quite like the idea of having an open studio where you can come and visit and see what’s on the easel and….

My studio is currently the second bedroom / box-room at my house on Carn Bosavern, St Just.

And it’s tiny.

Some days I struggle to get in there myself – having visitors just isn’t practical, certainly not if I want to do anything in there, like painting, perhaps?

So until I come up with a better/bigger solution, here’s a quick 360° Insta video of my current setup…

(as you can see it’s already spreading out the door and down the stairs) #healthandsafety #triphazard

///EDIT: 2023 – Gosh! How tidy and spacious my studio looked then. You should see it now…. actually NO, you shouldn’t!


View from artist's studio in St Just

The view from my studio window…

Wintery Day, Carn Bosavern, St Just

Gets painted sometimes…

Painting - Gold Grey Sky, Carn Bosavern, St Just

In different styles…

Foggy Day, Carn Bosavern - artist's impression of St Just

According to my mood.