10 Days on The Carn #6


A lone foxglove points into the summer sky, a beacon of hope or a torch of burning truth?

Colour? Hmmm…. the sky is about right in the main image, but the foliage is much more like you see on the framed version – for some reason I struggled to photograph it well.

EDIT:2023// anyway, it’s a bright and cheery one, this. From the top of Carn Bosavern, as is this whole series of course, and this time looking west, towards the sea – walk 100yds in that direction and you’re looking straight down Cot valley. Later in the day than its sister piece (Day 8) but likely still before breakfast – this was June 24th.

16″x20″ acrylic on canvas board
Ready to hang in a white painted float frame

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