Just Passing Through


I noted at the time that “[this] feels like it might be the last of the things with arches, at least for a while. But who knows? I’m still feeling architecturally inspired, but it feels like time to come out and explore the city, behind the facade. (Whose facade it is, and which way it’s actually facing, I’ll let you figure out 🤣)” – which turned out to be largely correct. Besides, any more arches than this would be just a ridiculous amount of masking tape!

And speaking of arches; Segovia, perhaps? Again, not deliberately so and, given my background, it seems more likely these are viaducty than aqueducty, but who knows? I just painted what I sketched, and when I was sketching I just drew what came to my mind; no conscious attempt to represent anywhere or anything beyond what my imagination gave me.

12″x12″ acrylic on canvas
Ready to hang in a natural wood float frame